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The 10 Design Trends for 2024-2025

Dominate Style: The 10 Essential Trends of 2024-2025 for a Timeless Choice!



Admit it, flipping through decorating magazines can sometimes feel like a session of mental torture. We salivate over 10,000-square-foot living rooms, envy Martha Stewart and her grandiose ideas, and Oprah Winfrey with her luxurious ones. Hours spent on Pinterest with Sunday morning coffee… After 1, 2, 3, and 4 coffees, we’re ready to tear down the walls, only to realize that the idea wasn’t as great as we thought and will be “has-been” in 2 years.

In this article, we suggest some simple but effective trends. No need to play demolishers. We want to give you ideas that won’t leave you regretting your decisions, even after several coffees (or after several Red Bulls for the more adventurous).

Here are 10 trends that will make your home a better place to live. With interest rates and real estate prices on the rise, a few improvements to your current home can make you feel better and more at home. There’s no need to move – appreciating what you have is the key

Trend 1: Focus on Light and Openness.

Mother Nature has blessed us with sunshine, so let’s make the most of it. But there’s no need to start breaking down walls just to get a bit of light!

Here are 3 timeless solutions to brighten your life, especially in November, the month when even the sky seems to have the blues. We’re banking on these tips to fill up on vitamin D, so you can compete with the sun.

  1. What is ultra-clear glass? Ultra-clear glass is a type of glass that contains ten times less iron than conventional clear glass. As the clearest glass available, it lets more light through than any other glass on the market. It is available in all sizes and thicknesses. Choosing ultra-clear glass is therefore a sensible alternative for maximizing light transmission, creating a bright and pleasant ambience in your interior environment. In fact, we have a very interesting blog on ultra-clear glass.
  2. Investment in quality lighting: As a complement to natural light, quality indoor lighting is essential for maintaining a bright, warm atmosphere, especially as the days get shorter. Opt for LED lamps or full-spectrum light sources to best reproduce natural sunlight.
  3. Use of glass partitions or transparent partitions: Are you planning to redesign an existing room, or would you like to add a room divider? Opt for glass partitions or transparent partitions to increase natural light within your space. These solutions allow the flow of light to circulate easily, flooding rooms with its benefits without altering privacy. The benefits are manifold.

Trend 2: Back to Natural.

The second trend celebrates a return to our roots, with natural materials such as wood, mineral and concrete, not to mention the essential protagonist in our quest for luminosity: glass. Together, they transform our interiors!

Wood, with its warmth and authentic charm, is becoming a must-have. From noble species to the rustic nuances of recycled wood, this trend brings nature back into the heart of our living spaces.

Mineral, with its earthy tones and robustness, adds an organic touch to this palette. Whether through natural stone countertops or mineral decorative elements, simplicity and natural elegance take centre stage.

Concrete, with its raw, industrial character, also joins in this natural approach. From floors to walls, it breathes a sober modernity while maintaining a link with nature, recalling the solid foundations of our environment.

And of course, how can we talk about light without mentioning glass? An essential element in the quest for brightness, glass blends harmoniously with this trend. Transparent partitions, reflective surfaces, mirrors, glass railings, glass shelves… glass illuminates our spaces with its transparency, bringing dazzling clarity to every corner of our daily lives.

Trend 3: Durable, Easy-to-Maintain Materials.

Crazy lives and hectic shopping make simplicity the star of 2024-2025. Let’s opt for easy-to-maintain solutions so we can enjoy our Sunday morning coffee without turning into a cleaning slave. Of course, basic maintenance tasks remain indispensable, but why complicate life when some durable materials are just as easy to maintain?

Take glass, for example. Whether for a shower, railings or even a pool fence, glass is the champion of “No worries, I’ll take care of everything!” A quick wipe here and there, and it’s shining again. Wood, by contrast, demands constant attention, like a kid in the midst of teenage angst.

Of course, the other, slightly more expensive option is to call in a brigade of professional cleaners to handle the rest. But between you and me, the art of choosing durable, easy-to-maintain materials is a must!

Trend 4: Back to Basics: Made by Hand. Made in Quebec.

We’re not talking about digging out a Chuck Berry vinyl, but rather encouraging local art and Quebec businesses.

Quebec has always had an unrivalled cultural and artisanal wealth, and it’s time to bring it to the fore. This means supporting our local artisans, whether they’re furniture makers, painters, glass makers, wood crafters, gastronomic artisans, or renowned artists. It’s about celebrating our traditions while adapting them to the modern world. So, whether it’s discovering new Quebec artists, choosing quality local products, or integrating elements of our heritage into our daily lives, going back to basics is a trend that pays tribute to our Quebec heritage and pride.

What if you took on the challenge of comparing a wooden table made in Quebec with one you’d find in a department store or on Wayfair? You’d be amazed at the price differences between custom-made and mass-market options.

Made in Québec!
Made by hand!

Trend 5: Colours

Ah, colours, that inexhaustible headache! After questioning the designers and meeting more customers than the local pizza delivery man, one striking truth has emerged: it’s all Cahors!

Sometimes light, sometimes dark, sometimes vibrant, sometimes flamboyant, trends are more at odds with each other than children debating over their best friend.

Great designers? They all seem to have their own personal rainbow. Even Google, that Internet genius, remains perplexed by this colourful mystery. It seems to have lost its way, unless it’s simply a fan of “choose your own”!

So, in this world of nuances and differing opinions, we avoid jumping into the fray.

No, we’d rather offer you a simple piece of advice: go for the light! You know, that bright thing that lets you see clearly, literally. It enlarges rooms and awakens moods. So, while the colour debate rages on, embrace light. After all, it’s rarely been criticized for its lack of style!

Do the test on Google, type: “Colour trend 2024”.

Trend 6: Mirrors are interior design superheroes.

The sixth trend focuses on creating a sense of openness using mirrors. This approach is both simple and economical and offers an infinite variety of shapes and sizes.

Mirrors follow in the wake of the first trend, emphasizing brightness and openness. Mirrors thus become your essential allies. Now, we’re not going to encourage you to cover your house from floor to ceiling in mirrors, unless you’re preparing an audition for a disco dance show. No, the idea is to dose subtly.

Custom-made mirrors are always an ideal option.

Trend 7: Glass Shelves

Because storage is great, but style is even better!

Glass shelves don’t just look good, they add a contemporary touch to any room.

Whether you want to proudly display your collection of rare objects, showcase your favorite books or cherish your precious memories, glass shelves are the ideal answer to creating an atmosphere that’s both chic and resolutely modern.

Trend 8: Glass Kitchen Backsplash

Trend number eight: glass backsplashes. Unlike a conventional kitchen backsplash, glass creates a feeling of volume in the room by reflecting light, both natural and artificial.

Designed in a single piece, the glass backsplash is synonymous with fast, effortless maintenance: no more worries about cleaning in the cracks, stains are wiped away with a simple wipe. These backsplashes are also incredibly hygienic and heat-resistant and are custom-made to perfectly fit the dimensions of your space.

Whether your kitchen is small or spacious, bathed in natural light or illuminated by lighting fixtures, a glass backsplash brings a sense of space and brightness to all cooks, whether they’re catering professionals or simple cordon-bleus.

You’re bound to appreciate the aesthetic appeal, hygiene, and ease of maintenance that a glass backsplash offers your kitchen.

Trend 9: Accessories!

There was a time when fashion was extreme in its simplicity. When we say “extreme”, we mean white on white with white, without the slightest visible accessory. And don’t you dare let a single hair fall out of your mane – it would have given you a rash!

Today, while maintaining a modern style, accessories are making a big comeback. Fruit bowls, candles, wooden statues: they breathe warmth into the ensemble. Whether it’s a vintage find with timeless charm, or an object unearthed in a Sunday morning bazaar, accessories add a touch of personality and character to your space.

It’s time to step out of the shadows of extreme minimalism and let the warm light of well-chosen objects into your life.

Trend 10: Textures!

Textures! Remember when you were younger and visited a great aunt whose staircase walls were covered in little stucco spikes with a frame of Elvis Presley? Well, textures are back. Of course, the methods and technologies have come a long way since those days… Today, stucco is experiencing a real renaissance. No longer a kitschy decorative element of the past, it has become an artistic expression in its own right. Stucco craftsmen use modern techniques to create unique and elegant textures that add a tactile and visual dimension to spaces.

Whether in a contemporary interior, an urban loft or a country cottage, textures bring a new dimension to interior design. They invite touch, evoke memories, and create a warm, inviting atmosphere. So, whether you’re an Elvis fan or not, stucco textures can add a touch of charm and character to your space.

The Ultimate in Decoration.

Imagine a living room with a gorgeous hardwood floor, sleek walls with high mirrors, glass shelves showing off retro vinyl against a chic stucco backdrop, and to top it all off, a distinguished ultra-clear glass partition separating it from the kitchen. In the kitchen, LED lights shine on a glass backsplash made in Quebec! It’s so stylish that even the zucchini and carrots in the refrigerator strike mannequin poses.

Now it’s your turn! How do you imagine your living room?
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