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Custom Glass Shelves

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Glass Shelves:
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Finding THE right glass shelf with the RIGHT dimensions is often a headache. That’s where our custom glass shelves come in. Not only are they designed to optimize your space, they also give your home a little makeover!

And guess what? We don’t do ready-to-wear! Our custom glass shelves are precision-cut to suit your space and preferences.

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Benefit from experts available to help you choose your materials, because there are so many options!


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Minimize the disruption to your daily life thanks to our short delivery times.


Avoid cost overruns with our precise estimating system.

Psst... By the time we leave your house, there'll be no dust and no mess.

Types of Custom Glass Shelves and Racks

There are several types of shelf, each offering specific advantages in terms of aesthetics. Remember, our experts are available to advise you on the different types of shelves. Here are some of the most common types of glass shelves:


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1. Design and proposal
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1. Design and proposal
2. Measurements
3. Choice of materials
4. Project confirmation
5. Manufacturing & Installation
6. Usage

The Glass Shelf.

More Than Just Shelves.

Because Tidiness Is Good, But Style Is Better!

Glass shelves don’t just look good, they also add a contemporary touch to any room. Whether you want to proudly display your collection of rare objects, showcase your favorite books or cherish your precious memories, glass shelves are the ideal answer for creating an atmosphere that’s both chic and resolutely modern.

What’s more, our use of tempered glass ensures exceptional durability and maximum safety. If you need a customized solution to optimize the space in your bathroom, kitchen or living room, our custom glass shelves are the perfect choice. Our glass experts will work closely with you to design glass shelves that will blend perfectly with your home design, whatever the size or shape required.

Hardware for Your Custom Glass Shelves

When you opt for glass shelves, you have several types of hardware at your disposal. When we design your shelves, we offer a wide choice of hardware to suit your taste, your budget, your design and even your color preferences.



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Triangular shelf support

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Square shelf clip

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Rectangular shelf clip

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Rounded shelf clip

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Square shelf support

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Flat shelf bracket

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Round under shelf support

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