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Custom Glass Wine Cellars

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The Glass Wine Cellar:
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A custom-made glass wine cellar is the ultimate solution for any discerning wine lover. Not only does it allow you to view your precious bottles, it also represents an investment in the art of oenology. Imagine having a showcase dedicated to your wines, a veritable work of art in the heart of your home.

That’s why we make sure it’s created and installed impeccably, and above all, according to your unique needs.

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Types of Custom Wine Cellar Glass

Whether refrigerated or not, there are several types of glass for wine cellars, each offering specific advantages in terms of aesthetics. It’s essential that the glass you choose meets the required durability. Remember, our experts are available to advise you on both standards and types of glass. Here are some of the most common types of glass.

Tempered ultra clear glass

Tempered clear glass

Verre clair trempé avec pellicule UV

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1. Design and proposal
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1. Design and proposal
2. Measurements
3. Choice of materials
4. Project confirmation
5. Manufacturing & Installation
6. Usage

Choosing a Glass Wine Cellar.

The Art of Oenology.

A Declaration of Passion for the Art of Wine Tasting.

In your restaurant or at home, a glass wine cellar allows you to store your bottles in ideal conditions, while at the same time highlighting the contents of your cellar. With a customized wine cellar, you create a perfectly sized space and can display your wine while keeping it at a constant temperature and protected from ultraviolet rays with the addition of a UV film on the glass. Wherever it’s placed, the display illuminates the room and the bottles create a visual appeal for visitors.

The restaurant glass wine cellar is ideal for establishments with a prestigious wine list. It allows the contents of the cellar to be displayed while preserving them in optimal conditions. For customers, viewing the restaurant’s bottles is not only a feast for the eyes, but also an incentive to taste. If you’re an oenophile, the glass cellar is the perfect storage solution for your wine collection: it combines practicality, good preservation conditions and aesthetics.

Ultimately, the customized wine cellar is much more than just a storage space for your wines. It’s a declaration of passion for the art of wine tasting, an investment in time and a sumptuous addition to your home. Let us help you create a personalized work of art that will showcase your wines and enrich your daily life.

Hardware for Your Glass Wine Cellar

When you opt for a glass wine cellar, you have several types of hardware at your disposal. When we design your cellar, we offer a wide choice of hardware to suit your taste, budget, design and even color preferences.


Single sided square handle

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Single sided rounded ladder handle

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Top or bottom mount pivot

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Hydraulic patch kit

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Electronic lock

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Glass mount lock

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Windo-pile seal

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Bottom door pile with weather strip

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The 2 Most Important Questions About Custom Glass Wine Cellars

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no one color that’s better than another at preserving wine. The choice of color for a custom wine cellar depends on a number of factors, including your personal style, your home design, and the atmosphere you wish to create in the room.

3 advantages of choosing ultra-clear glass. Enjoy an exceptional look and sleek style that enhances any room or building. It’s the distinctive architectural or decorative element par excellence for a high-end look.
Choose glass that won’t distort colors. Thanks to its unrivalled transparency, the color of your noble materials and walls remains unchanged through the glass.
Forget the greenish tint of conventional glass. Whatever the thickness, the exceptional clarity of ultra-clear glass remains. Even at 19 millimeters, only a magnificent azure-blue hue is visible at the edge.

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