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Glass Kitchen Backsplash

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The Glass Backsplash:
Refinement for Your Culinary Space.

The aesthetics of a glass backsplash are different from other materials, making it a unique design element. Glass is easy to clean, keeping your kitchen sparkling clean in the blink of an eye. No more worries about splashes and stubborn stains.

So, we make sure to create and install it impeccably, and above all, according to your unique needs.

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A few bv-made backsplashes

There are several types of glass for kitchen backsplashes, each offering specific advantages in terms of aesthetics. It’s essential that the glass you choose meets durability requirements. Remember, our experts are available to advise you on both standards and glass types. Here are some of our realizations:


The Choice of a Glass Backsplash.

Impeccable lighting.

For an Elegant and Practical Kitchen.

Unlike an ordinary backsplash, a glass kitchen backsplash brings a sense of volume to the room by reflecting light, whether natural or artificial. Designed in a single piece, glass backsplashes are quick and effortless to clean: no more splashes in the joints. Dirt can be wiped away in a single swipe. Incredibly hygienic and highly heat-resistant, backsplashes are custom-made to fit the sides of the room perfectly.

The glass backsplash gives people working in the kitchen a feeling of space and brightness, whether the room is small or spacious, lit by sunlight or luminaires. If you’re a catering professional or a cordon-bleu cook, you’ll appreciate the aesthetic, hygienic and easy-care qualities of a glass kitchen backsplash.

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1. Design and proposal
2. Measurements
3. Choice of materials
4. Project confirmation
5. Manufacturing & Installation
6. Usage

The 2 Most Important Questions About Glass Backsplashes

Installing a glass kitchen backsplash requires precision and a certain amount of basic skill. Our experts at Vitrerie BV explain the general steps involved in installing a backsplash. First, make sure the glass you receive is flawless, without imperfections and the right size. Then it’s time to prepare your surface so that it’s clean. The next step is to evenly apply the adhesive purchased from your glazing expert. Position the glass by pressing gently with a spatula, making sure to remove any bubbles. Clean up any spillage and allow to dry. Finally, once the kitchen backsplash is securely in place, clean the glass thoroughly. That’s all there is to it! Remember, this job requires special expertise.

3 advantages of choosing ultra-clear glass. Enjoy an exceptional look and sleek style that enhances any room or building. It’s the distinctive architectural or decorative element par excellence for a high-end look.
Choose glass that won’t distort colors. Thanks to its unrivalled transparency, the color of your noble materials and walls remains unchanged through the glass.
Forget the greenish tint of conventional glass. Whatever the thickness, the exceptional clarity of ultra-clear glass remains. Even at 19 millimeters, only a magnificent azure-blue hue is visible at the edge.

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