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Custom Glass Showers.

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The shower :
the Centerpiece of your Bathroom

Bathroom renovation is truly one of the most complex projects in any home! It is well known that the shower is the central feature that completely changes the design of a bathroom. So, we make sure to create and install it impeccably, and above all, within a reasonable timeframe so that you can use it quickly. And guess what? That’s precisely what we do best!

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Types of Custom Glass Showers

The choice of glass for your shower, as well as the type of shower you select, are two crucial steps in your process. Our experts are available to advise you. To give you an idea, here are a few examples of our work by type of glass shower:

Italian shower

Header shower

Sliding shower

Steam shower

Full-height shower

Tinted glass shower

Textured-glass shower

Glass panel bath-shower


Opt for a custom glass shower!

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We'll guide you every step of the way to a successful transformation of your glass project.

1. Design and proposal
2. Measurements
3. Choice of Materials
4. Project confirmation
5. Manufacturing and installation
6. Usage
1. Design and proposal
2. Measurements
3. Choice of materials
4. Project confirmation
5. Manufacturing & Installation
6. Usage

Design Comes First!

Choosing a Custom Glass Shower.

For a bathroom that adds value to your home while being modern, bright and easy to maintain.

Sturdy, durable and practical, custom glass showers bring a touch of modernity, elegance and superior quality to your bathroom, thanks to their distinctly contemporary design. More hygienic and aesthetic than shower curtains, yet easy to maintain, glass showers let in natural light and enhance the volume of your bathroom.

If you have a built-in or steam shower enclosure, you can opt for a glass shower door. For sliding, overhead, screen or italian-style showers, glass shower enclosures or panels are ideal.

Install a custom glass shower panel or glass shower door perfectly adapted to your needs and room configuration, and enjoy the pleasure of a high-end bathroom with a unique look.

Hardware for Your Glass Shower

When you opt for glass showers, there are several types of hardware available. When we design your shower, we offer a wide choice of hardware to suit your taste, your budget, your design and even your colors.


Back to back square pull handle

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Back to back ladder pull handle

Catalog #



Back to back round handle, mitered corners

Catalog #



Back to back square knob

Catalog #



Back to back round easy-grip knob

Catalog #



Rounded tubular single sided towel bar

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Glass to glass 180° hinge

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Top or bottom mount pivot

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Here are are just a few of our top brands:

The 3 Most Important Questions About Glass Showers

The installation of a glass shower must be meticulous. Each step is important for optimum success. We advise you to contact an expert at Vitrerie BV for this task, but here are the steps involved in installing a glass shower:

  • Take the right measurements: Make sure you take precise measurements of the space where the glass shower will be installed.
  • Order materials: Place an order for the necessary materials, such as glass panels, hardware, etc.
  • Check the glass: When you collect the glass, inspect it to make sure it’s not damaged, scratched or bubbling inside. It would be a shame to discover any defects after installation during a good shower!
  • Installing the profiles: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the profiles correctly.
  • Installing the glass: Carefully place the glass in the profiles or anchors provided. Be careful not to damage the glass.
  • Attach hardware: Once everything is in place, install hardware such as handles, doors, etc.
  • Check and clean: Check that everything is in order and working properly.
  • Seal joints: Use silicone specially designed for showers to carefully seal joints and prevent water leaks.
  • Finally, clean the glass panels for a flawless finish.
    However, installing a glass shower is a complex and delicate task that requires professional know-how. Call on our experts to guarantee a safe, aesthetic and compliant installation.
One advantage of a glass shower is its easy maintenance. We recommend vinegar to some of our customers. Vinegar is an excellent natural cleaner that effectively removes limescale deposits and soap scum. You can pour it into a spray bottle for easy use. Simply spray a generous layer of vinegar onto your glass shower and leave it on for a few minutes. Then use a clean cloth to scrub the glass and remove any residue. The final step is to rinse thoroughly. For best results, we recommend finalizing the cleaning by wiping with another clean cloth. Your shower is now clean!

Dimensions can vary according to the style you’re looking for and the space available in your bathroom! Don’t hesitate to ask our experts for advice: they’ll be happy to discuss the ideal size for your specific situation.

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