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This clever solution maintains a separation between two rooms while promoting fluid visual interaction between the two spaces. Thus, whether for a home office, shared space, playroom or other, a glass door is the ideal choice for maintaining luminosity and enhancing the overall environment.

What’s more, it is easy to maintain and lasts for years. So we make sure to create and install it impeccably, and above all, within a sensible timeframe.

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Types of glass doors

There are several types of glass door, each offering specific advantages in terms of aesthetics, space efficiency and functionality. Here are some of the most common types of glass door. Don’t forget that our experts are available to advise you.


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1. Design and proposal
2. Measurements
3. Choice of materials
4. Project confirmation
5. Manufacturing & Installation
6. Usage

Preserve Luminosity and Visual Harmony.

Choosing a Clear Glass Interior Door.

For a Natural and Luminous Interior.

Opting for a clear glass interior door offers an elegant solution for preserving the luminosity and visual harmony of your interior space. This type of door creates a separation while allowing natural light to flow unhindered, preserving the integrity of volumes and the sensation of a natural, luminous interior.

The sobriety and chic of the glass door allow it to harmonize perfectly with other materials such as wood or aluminum, blending effortlessly and seamlessly into a variety of decorating styles, while adding a resolutely modern touch. What’s more, this versatile option can be customized by adding acoustic or thermal insulation, or opting for frosted glass for added privacy.

At home, it’s the ideal solution for separating a bedroom from an adjoining bathroom, or for creating a windowless office area, while guaranteeing the necessary privacy. And with the popularity of telecommuting, it can be used to partition different workspaces, allowing you to work without disturbing the other occupants of the room.

Hardware for Your Glass Door

When you opt for a glass door, there are several types of hardware available. When we design your door, we offer a wide choice of hardware to suit your taste, budget, design and even color preferences.


Back to back square pull handle

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Back to back square pull handle

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Back to back ladder pull handle

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Back to back ladder pull handle with lock

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Sliding door system, wall or ceiling mount

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Hydraulic patch kit

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Header for single door

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Sidelite square rail

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The 2 Most Important Questions About Glass Doors

Insulating a glass door may be necessary to improve the energy efficiency of your space, reduce noise disturbance, or guarantee your privacy. The approach you choose will depend on your specific needs in terms of thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and privacy. At Vitrerie BV, we have several types of glass solution to suit your needs. We can install double glazing, use insulating glass film, add a gasket and many other techniques.

One advantage of a glass door is its easy maintenance. We recommend to some of our customers to use vinegar at a ratio of one cup of vinegar to five cups of water. Vinegar is an excellent natural cleaner, effectively removing limescale deposits and soap scum. You can pour it into a spray bottle for easy use. Simply spray a generous layer of vinegar onto your glass shower and leave it on for a few minutes. Then use a clean cloth to scrub the glass and remove any residue. The final step is to rinse thoroughly. For best results, we recommend finalizing the cleaning by wiping with another clean cloth. Your door is now clean!

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