Glass backsplashes

Bring brightness and modernity to your kitchen

Hygienic and easy to clean



Unlike an ordinary backsplash, a glass kitchen backsplash brings a feeling of volume to the room by reflecting light, whether it’s natural or artificial. Designed as a single piece, the glass backsplash offers fast, effortless maintenance: no more splashes in the joints, as the dirt can be removed with a sponge. Incredibly hygienic and very heat-resistant, the backsplashes are custom-made to fit the dimensions of the room perfectly.

The glass backsplash gives the people who work in the kitchen a feeling of space and brightness, whether the room is small or spacious or illuminated by sunlight or light fixtures. If you’re a food service professional or a chef, you’ll appreciate the stylish, hygienic aspect and the ease of maintenance of a glass kitchen backsplash.

For a bright, spacious, and hygienic kitchen

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