Glass doors

Preserve the brightness and harmony of the decor




At the office and at home, the interior glass door helps create a separation without masking the light or breaking up the volume. Chic and understated, it combines with other materials, such as wood and aluminum, and matches different styles of decor while providing a thoroughly modern note. Versatile, it can be equipped with thermal or acoustic insulating glass or frosted glass.

Chic and sturdy, the glass door creates a discreet separation while letting natural light pass through. At home, it’s the ideal solution for separating a bedroom and an adjoining bathroom or an office area without a window while maintaining the necessary privacy. It also lets you partition the different workspaces within the company, so you can work without disturbing your colleagues or being bothered by the ambient noise. Equipped with frosted glass, the glass door creates a space that is respectful of privacy and conducive to meetings and appointments.

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