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There’s nothing like a mirror to enlarge your spaces and brighten your rooms. Today, it’s no longer an accessory simply used to look at yourself. Available in many forms, the mirror is an integral part of the decor. Just let the natural light in and place it facing a window or any other light source to multiply the effect of the light. Placed in strategic locations, custom mirrors enlarge the space in width, depth, and even height, giving the impression of pushing the walls and ceilings.

Possessing the extraordinary power of visually expanding the volume, the mirror naturally finds its place in small spaces. This is especially the case with bathrooms, which often only have a small opening to the outside, or even none, as well as a small surface area. Installing a bathroom mirror is an obvious choice not only for looking at yourself, but also for maximizing space and light in the room.

Emphasize brightness and volume

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